At the Thompson House, we're here to offer a good old British vibe right in the heart of Windsor. But more than that, we want to put the “house” back in public house. We believe that the Thompson House is your home just as much as it is ours.

Founded in 2015, our pub seeks to amalgamate food, music, and spirit. This makes the TH a place of refuge and fun throughout the year. Along with providing delicious food and a wide assortment of drinks, we offer live music from Thursday to Saturday. Just a heads up: dancing and toe-tapping is encouraged! Our regular performers include Chelsey Danfield, Rob Sef, and Al Fazio.

Located in the core of Olde Riverside, the Thompson House was constructed from scratch in 2014. Once the site of an old gas station, we worked with an interior designer and woodworker to make sure the vibe of historic England became etched into its walls.

And now that it’s here, it’s open for all to enjoy! Bring some friends over for a lively night or a cozy afternoon. Remember, the Thompson House is your house too.