Why You Should Visit a Pub this Holiday Season

Why You Should Visit a Pub this Holiday Season

When you strip away the stress of Christmas shopping, the holidays are about unwinding and having a savory bevvie with friends and loved ones. The last time we checked, pubs like us offer our patrons the chance to do just that. But there are also other reasons to stop by your local public house this December. For example…

We have food – and lots of it

If you find yourself fancying something scrumptious to chew on, a trip to your local pub is definitely in order. Yeah, there are tons of recipes out there but why cook if you don’t have to? Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the cold, lounge at a booth with a cocktail, and be served a pot pie. Or maybe you’re craving a burger or lamb stew instead. Whatever your taste buds are begging you for, we’ve got it!

We’re cozy

Yes, we’d like to emphasize the “it’s nice to get out of the cold” part from that last bit. When you walk into your neighbourhood tavern, you’ll notice a splendid sense of warmth enveloping you. It could be the building’s temperature, the heat radiating from the kitchen, or the lively conversations happening all around. Or it could be all three. Whatever the cause, pubs are definitely good places to warm up when Mother Nature cools down.

We’re tastefully festive

If you think the Thompson House is decked out in period décor during most of the year, you’d be right. But during Christmas time, oh man, we kick it up a notch. Garland snakes along the railings and colourful bulbs and bobbles make their homes at every corner. The whole building becomes a winter wonderland, minus the snow. At the same time, most pubs (including us) do their best not to overdo it in the decorating department. After all, there’s festive and “oh my god, if I see one more Santa I’m gonna scream,” and sometimes there’s a fine line between them.

Our event space is great for holiday get-togethers

Inquire about whether your local public house has an event space. The Thompson House certainly does and if you want to celebrate the season with your staff, friends, or family, simply let us know and we’ll do our best to reserve our upstairs party room for you.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful. On the contrary, we pubs like to make it a jolly time, what with our abundance of good food, alcohol, and – ideally – an event space.  If you find yourself needing to get out of the blustery weather, simply stop by. We promise you’ll feel cozy in a jiffy.


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